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On view November 4, 2015 - January 4, 2016
  • Charlie Allen's paintings reflect his interest in light and color at different times of the day. He wants viewers of his artwork to experience as many senses as possible. Perhaps to hear feet on the pavement, experience a desire to reach out and touch fruit or feeling the seasonal heat radiating. These sensual experiences become the background 'music' of his paintings. Click here to read what Charlie writes about his Venice/Italy 2014 exhibit with us.

    "While visiting Italy in 2014 for a five week stay, my wife Chris and I spent two weeks in Venice. Needless to say, this was a dream come true. My plan was to sketch and photograph this magical, floating city…to try and somehow capture its light, rhythm and movement. The city was alive with the energy of thousands of tourists, and the movement of gondolas seemed to weave and add to the vibrancy of Venice. Each day we walked a different section of the city. Its numerous bridges and twisting walkways led us deeper into the essence and heart that is Venice. What stood out most were the reflections within the winding, endless canals and waterways and the mirrored clarity of sky and buildings. When I returned home, I attempted to put into paint what I had experienced. The paintings in this show are the results of work done this year in my studio…an attempt to ‘capture’ this wonderful city.


    We also spent a brief time in Florence. There is one small painting in the show of the Boboli Gardens at the Pitti Palace. After Florence, we were off to a two week stay in a small town northeast of Rome, Poggio Mirteto, in the Sabine Mountains. Most of the ink drawings in the exhibit were executed there. This stay in the hills was a quiet, restful, productive time. Our view from the villa was of a vast valley stretching towards Rome, dotted with small Etruscan towns and the larger city of Viterbo.  We discovered several other small towns, one of which was Farfa Abbey. This town was (and still is) the home of the Benedictine order. Farfa Abbey is stuck in time, a medieval time, with its beautiful Renaissance basilica and surrounding rows of little houses, once owned by merchants during the seasonal fairs. The abbey was declared a National Monument in 1928. Several drawings of buildings were executed there.


    Italy is such an incredible, romantic point of departure for any artist. Its light, people and land are all pure magic. And so, Italy, I hope I have done you ‘justice’ and been able to convey your majesty and magnetism in these paintings and drawings. Please enjoy the exhibit."



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