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1929 -

The name John Stobart is pre-eminent in the world of maritime art. Born in 1929 and raised in Leicester, England, he showed an early aptitude for creativity. His father recognized his son’s talent for art and enrolled him in Derby College of Art in 1946. In the new environment he achieved high honors and a county scholarship to London’s prestigious Royal Academy Schools. As a student he began to exhibit small landscapes painted in the countryside outside London and along the river Thames.


After graduation, Stobart sailed to South Africa. During his voyage he sketched the twelve exotic ports at which the passenger-cargo ship anchored and he conceived the idea of borrowing the plans from the shipping companies' new vessels being built. He painted the new vessels and sold the originals to the shipping companies. Within two years his paintings of ships in foreign ports hung on the walls of some fifteen shipping company boardrooms in London.


In 1957 Stobart emigrated to Canada where his paintings attracted the interest of shipping companies along the St. Lawrence River. In 1965 he came to New York with four paintings of sailing ships he hoped would be well received at a few carefully chosen galleries. He was offered a one-man show by the Wunderlich family, founders of the Kennedy Galleries, who also encouraged him to pursue his vision of recreating the American harbor scenes in the days of the great clipper era. Over the next fifteen years the Wunderlichs hosted another seven one-man shows, all virtual sellouts. In the years to follow, the name Stobart would become synonymous with the rediscovery of the nation’s lost ports.


Because his original paintings were going into private collections, Stobart began publishing limited edition prints of some of his more important works. To accomplish this he founded Maritime Heritage Prints.


In 1989, Stobart used profits from Maritime Heritage Prints to create The Stobart Foundation. The Foundation awards scholarships to qualified students who excel in painting from life.


Additional paintings by John Stobart are available to view by choosing any of the images above.

John Stobart


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